Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hi !
This  Indian embroidery is a form of whitework embroidery .It is believed that earlier this embroidery was popular in West bengal in India and only from 19th century it was practised in Uttar Pradesh  especially in Lucknow and it was patronised by the Moghuls.Now this form of embroidery is widely known as Lucknowi chikankari.Earlier it was worked only on white fabric with white threads.Like all the other embroidery even this has changed,now we use white threads on white fabric,colour threads on white fabric,white threads on colour fabric …….



This embroidery is a combination of  techniques –shadow work,pulled thread and surface embroidery.
I’m going to show you how to stitch this.If you want to stitch along,you are welcome to join me.
Please note that we will not stitch the design from the image I’ve posted today.
The design which I’m going to use is slightly based on a textile print which I’d seen on my mom’s old saree.
You don't have to buy a kit or any material from me.I'm sure everyone will have the materials required in your stash.
I’ll be posting a lesson every week.It’ll be a 6 – 8 weeks class.So if you want to join me please do send me a mail (mention your country,if India your city,town…. ).I’ll mail you the required materials list and design .Let’s start stitching as soon as you collect everything ,maybe two weeks from now.Feel  free to write your suggestions.One of you had asked me about the cost,it’s completely free. You don’t have to pay me for the classes.
If you are planning to post your progress in your blog,then please do link back.If you want my feedback as we progress,you can mail an image of your embroidery piece to me.
If you have any questions,then send me an e-mail .
Many of you have visited my blog for Indian embroidery,some have decided to follow my blog ,so this class is for you .Thank you for the support.

 I’ve updated on 10th February and again on 12th February, but some of you didn’t read that post I guess. I’m sorry this time. If you’d sent me an e-mail I’d informed you already. But some of you are still leaving comments in this post, so I thought to put an update in this post too.

Happy stitching!


Zova creations said...

hi..anita..interesting post..can I join this class..?I am living in abudhabi..never did chikankaari embroidery..pls tell me what material I shud buy..?where can I get designs..I will post the progress of work in my blog..

Unknown said...

Hi my name is Di and I live in Australia in Victoria. I would love to do the class. A few years ago I tried to find out about this stitch after talking about it in a university art class ( my teacher was Indian) but at that time there wasn't anything useful on the net.Thanks again Di

Hobby Sewer said...

Hi Anita,

I am in for this stitch along. I appreciate your efforts for teaching your followers about chikankari.

I had a saree with chikankari work. I converted it to a chudidhar as I dont wear sarees frequently. I observed that the whole saree has been embroidered with the herring bone stitch on the inside so that the outside looks like it is fully covered with a white color running stitch.

You can send the list of materials to hobbysewer@gmail.com. Also I could not find your email id in the blog.

Hobby Sewer

l'alternativa said...

E' bellissimo amica mia, mi dispiace proprio di non aver tempo, ho troppi lavori da fare, ti faccio tantissimi complimenti
Un abbraccio

Shami Immanuel said...

I would like to join along with u for this work. Searching the net for chickan designs. Very happy Athai see u'r post. My mail is isseelan@yahoo.com.

Shami immanuel.

Anita said...

Thanks for the support Vaheeda,Di,Hobbysewer,Emi and Shami.
My e-mail id is in my profile which you see when you scroll down.

@ vaheeda - yes,you can join the class.Could you please send an e-mail to me?. I'll mail you the details this weekend.

@ Di-could you please send an e-mail to me?.I'll mail you the details this weekend

Lalitha said...

Hi Anita, i would like to join this class, pl do send me a mail abt list of items reqd


TroubleT said...

Hi Anita!

I'd love to give this technique a try. My e-mail is bajita42_at_ gmail_dot_com.


Hannah said...

Ooooo! I am so excited! I don't know if I'll have time to do it immediately but I am dying to see your lessons! I found some chikankari designs in the library here, so this would let me know what to do with them!

Heidi said...

I would love the lessons, although I also don't know if I'll have time to do it immediately. It's beautiful work!

Royce said...

I have sent you a mail . thanks for this chance to learn .

Deepa said...

Hi Anita,
Would love to see your lessons.Not sure if stitching along will be possible,but would be around .Are you using anchor threads for chikan or some thing else?

tomimc said...

I have sent you an email. Will look forward to hearing from you. Tomimc

die-fadenwerkstatt said...

Hi, I'm from Germany and I would love to learn this type of embroidery. Thank for being so generous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita, thanks for your visit.

I'm glad I found yours..

This Indian embroidery is really amazing, I love it.


Manka from Hungary

Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful. Thank you for this opportunity. Jane in Missouri/USA

Mosaic Magpie said...

I will send you an email. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Wendy said...

Wow, this embroidery is stunning! I'd love to join in, I live in Nottingham, England

Anita said...

@die-fadenwerkstatt - Could you please send me an e-mail?.

Anita said...

Hi Deepa
Thanks for the visit.Yes,I'm going to use anchor threads.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm very interested in your stitch along. It looks beautiful.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I am so excited about this class! Thank you so much for offering it. I love whitework but have yet to attempt doing it. This will be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita !

count me in ! :) I have sent you an e-mail already.



jan said...

Thanks for this great opportunity, I'd love to learn this beautiful embroidery!

Judy said...

Thanks for this great offer! I sent you an email a few minutes ago but neglected to say that I am from the United States.
I am excited about this......

liniecat said...

Hi Anita, I would love to follow along with you please. How thoughtful of you to share this with us all. The pink with white stitching sample is beautiful.
Im in UK by the way.
liniecat at liniecat dot karoo dot co dot uk

Aries said...

Dear Anita,

How did I miss your blog? I wonder. I live in Indonesia. I would like to join the course. I am fond of Chikankari. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and please let me know further to follow you.


Anita said...

@Raji - I guess you didn't read the full post.I'm so sorry,registrations
are closed .Please watch out for the next one.

Snigdha Das said...

I came across your blog and what a neat and beautiful work !!! I must say u have magic in your hands. Though I am not into embroidery much, I always wanted to learn, if time and opportunity permits. So, for me your blog is a boon.

thanks a lot for taking so much effort to teach about chikankari, I wanted to know about one thing, as shown in the pink chikankari, what are these white booties? u have not talked about these.

thanks again,

I want to know

Snigdha Das said...

I came across your blog and what a neat and wonderful work!!! I must say you have magic in your hand....

I am not into embroidery much, but I always wanted to learn if time and opportunity permits, so for me your blog is a boon :)

thanks for taking the efforts for posting about chikankari. One thing, I wanted to know, in the pink chikan work shown, what are these white booties? U have not talked about that.

thanks again,

Anita said...

Thanks for visiting Snigdha. I've not mentioned anything about this design because it was not the one we worked in the class.It's roman stitch .

Anchal Gupta said...

Very good Initiative .. People will learn how difficult or easy to make chikankari embroidery and respect people who do that job...hats off...

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita,

I am in the USA and would love to take your classes. I know these were several years ago, but I am still hopeful. Love the designs so much!!