Monday, 7 November 2011

Aari embroidery - part 4

Today I'm going to show you how to attach the fabric to the aari frame. It's a raw silk fabric for salwar-kameez (green & maroon)

Before attaching I'd transferred the design using white carbon paper .
The design can also be transferred onto the fabric by prick and pounce method .

The fabric is attached to the 2 main bars. Mark the center of the bars as well as the fabric on both sides and pin it up.Use the cotton thread (see aari embroidery part 1) to stitch the first side of the fabric to one of the main bars.

To begin make a knot & to end put 4-5 back stitches on to the white cotton cloth which is attached to the bar.

Then stitch the second side to the other bar and roll it up.

Now insert the stretcher bars and stretch the frame and place the pegs or nails.

Then fold the selvedges, make small darning stitches and pass the same thread through these stitches, pull it tight , tie the thread to the peg/nail.

Now all the 4 sides of the fabric are stretched . Next step is to start stitching .

Happy stitching!

9 comments: said...

This is very informative.Wish I had the frame-Ina

Anita said...

Ina - you can try this embroidery using a slate frame too.

Sudha said...

Hi Anita, very useful information about transferring the design..Can you please tel me how to take the saree design to Butter paper? it should be free hand or we can do something else. please advice.. Thanks in advance.

Anita said...

@Sudha - Place the butter paper on top of the design which you'd selected,draw the design with a pen a pencil,place the butter paper design on the saree,insert a carbon paper between the saree and butter paper,fix it with pins to avoid movement,then draw the design again and the design will be transferred ....Hope this helps.

manasa said...

Hi Madam..Very nice tutorial..Can you please tell me where you bought the frame? I am from Bangalore. I am looking for one for me. Please let me know in what kind of stores we can find the frame.
Thank you,

Anita said...

@ Manasa - Mine was custom made by my carpenter.I guess it must be available in needlecraft stores there.

Unknown said...

Hi...are design templates available if we have to design on our own

Anita said...

@Anitha Gokulakrishnan - I don't know about the shops in your area,where ever that is.But it's available in craft shops here in Chennai. said...

I love this design, can you please tell me where it comes from? Is there a way I can buy this design somewhere? Cheers, Gabriele