Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Trip down the memory lane...

An old student of mine called a few days back to wish me...We celebrate teacher's day on September 5th here in India.She was talking about my initial stages as a designer (?!) and teacher.I was partly happy to hear her version of 'me' but felt embarrassed most of the time :)

I met a friend on saturday at a coffee shop and we ended up talking about 'me' again,sounds weird isn't it? My friend asked me if I remember when I'd sold my very first design/kit and all those memories flooded back into my thoughts very quickly. I sold my first kit in September 1993 (20 years!) Like any teen-age girl I bought a pair of gold ear-rings with that money,still have the ear-rings with me:)
I didn't have PC,printer etc. back then so I hand painted the design onto the fabric and all the instructions were hand written by me ,wish I'd taken a picture of my first kit.

I came back home ,searched my journal and ended up re-stitching an old peacock design to celebrate.I wish all of you are here with me having a piece of cake ,sharing my little success and happiness...


I just followed my notes without changing much just to remember the past,only addition is beads/spangles .
If I'd stitched this peacock for the first time now I would have reduced the red color.My mother suggested that I should design another peacock for kutch embroidery,make it into a DIY kit or digital download,any suggestions?
Please feel free to comment ..

Happy stitching!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

needle nook

Last week was pretty crazy for me ,spent most of my time book keeping and writing instructions for a couple of my old favorite projects.But I was able to complete my needle nook project from inspirations magazine amidst all the chaos :)


It's a cute little design ,isn't it? I would like to have a small project preferably surface embroidery in between bigger projects with lots of details.What about you, do you always have a fun little project in your WIP basket like me?

Happy stitching!