Thursday, 27 November 2014

dressing up Ms.Bunny

Ms.Bunny was waiting patiently to get dressed up for three months now :-)
Ms.Bunny's dress is done with split stitch shading,bow and shoes are filled with satin stitches.Then I added some french knot flowers,blanket stitch flowers,bigger leaves are filled with fly,alternating satin and fish bone stitches, tiny rocks near the base of the tree are done with blanket stitches.
I had started this one last year as a small 'grab and go between project' took more stitching hours to complete than I had anticipated in the beginning ..I guess it's because of the size of the elements but am happy with the final result..Of course there are a couple of things that doesn't look good and I'll change for sure if I stitch this again.
I've been trying out some techniques on bernina machine and am so happy that most of my attempts ended up with good results,will show them soon.
Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

bernina 'n' sewing

My city was flooded a couple of weeks back which was really really good because the ground water level has raised but the roads are in a terrible condition and driving is a nightmare.
I've managed to do some embroidery and sewing .
I taught a friend to do line quilting and how to use a walking foot on my old bernette machine which I'm using for classes now since I have bought a bernina. I'm still learning how to use the bernina 380..tried a couple of things like FHS last week but am not comfortable yet.

Another friend of mine wants a quilt made of traditional patchwork blocks using scraps.I'm sure it'll be a WIP project for a long time.

I had cut some 3'',4'' and 5'' squares from the scrap fabric and finished few blocks..
To get used to a new sewing machine takes time and until then there will be some sloppy work I guess..I'd missed the precision sewing at some corners which looks very bad so I'll have to frog and re-do :-(
Do you use a bernina 3 series ? Please do share with me if you have any tips.

Happy sewing!