Monday, 29 October 2012

Experimenting again....

Hi !
It’s been a while since I posted something here, isn't it? I was little busy with few other things, sick again, had guests at home....
But am back here to share a painting attempt/experiment with y’all .

I tried to paint a snowy/smoky mountain….It’s a mixed medium painting and also I've tried a combination of techniques with knife, brushes, sculpting tools. There are definitely some errors, will try to correct and get this close to perfection soon… What do you think, do I deserve to be happy with this attempt or not?
As I said earlier I do like to paint but unfortunately my bronchitis doesn't allow me to do that often. Also there is no wall space J and I didn't want any more rolled up canvas… Now that I've started selling my paintings I have space for new ones and earned some money too J. Hope my selling spree continues so that I could afford to buy more painting supplies....

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Back to freestyle embroidery...

Hi !
I've got a simple centerpiece to show y’all…..

It didn't take much time to complete this one. I've used linen and stranded cotton threads
Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Time just flies

I can’t believe that it’s blog anniversary today.THANK y’all for the support, without you I wouldn't have come this far. I’m happy that I've made some good friends thro’ this blog.
I’d like to show a WIP today, it’s a cutwork doily. I've finished almost all the small details, got to complete the flowers, outer border and then finally the cutting part.

A reader had asked me why I’m trying to do many forms of embroidery, painting … instead of sticking to only Indian embroidery, how do I manage to do all this etc
Actually this blog is about needle art and painting so I don’t post pictures or write about my other interests. I also sew clothes, bake, learn to read write and speak different languages  J .I’m single, no plans to get married in autumn/winter/summer/fall and I don’t do parties…So I guess either I like to try to do many things or it’s a way  to kill my time, what do you think ? When my friend called me yesterday she said our personality has changed over the years and she was trying to figure out why. We were bubbly, happy in our 20’s, now in 30’s we are crappy, twisty and we can’t believe how on earth we ended up with messed up people who are either single or going through divorce. It has affected us so much. It was easy to pick a side when we were not friends with the guy, but it was really difficult for me especially when I’m close to both of them, to watch the children go through all the drama is really affecting me and when I chose not to pick one I ended up hurting both of them, lost both my friendsL
Uff!!! I really feel much better after writing this because I can’t call my friend since we’ve made a deal to talk with each other only when we are happy. Anyways thanks for reading …..

Happy stitching!