Friday, 15 June 2012

Swan doily

Hi !
It was a busy week for me, managed to finish a couple of commissions. I wish I have 30 hours or more per day.
Cutwork is one of my favorite techniques. I start a cutwork project when I’m stressed and I don’t know why I do that…may be I’m crazy J.

It’s a square doily and I’d stitched this doily with stranded cotton threads.
Which is your favorite embroidery technique /stitch and how often do you use that?

Have a happy weekend wherever you are!
Happy stitching!


Leelagovind said...

amazing cutwork anitha!!!
actually i cant pick up which embr i like the most..iam ready to learn any..actually i missed your chikenkari SAL and still feel like i was unlucky..iam eagerly looking forward to seeing your next class..

Mosaic Magpie said...

The swan doily is beautiful and if you love doing cutwork it is the perfect thing to do while you are stressed. I think the simple running stitch is my favorite most used stitch. From basting to embroidery it is most often included and probably the first stitch I learned.

Shami Immanuel said...

Beautiful doily.


Anita said...

Thanks Leela,Deb,Shami.

magicmoonmusings said...

Exquisite design, and stitching.

deanna7trees said...

beautiful probably takes all your attention away from other things. i don't think i have a favorite. i like variety.

Anita said...

Thanks Deanna,Marie.

Revathi said...

Beautiful cutwork - you inspire me to try various types of embroidery

crazyQstitcher said...

You do Cutwork when stressed????

I think it would make me stressed to try, although I would like to learn.

Your work is perfectly beautiful.

Anita said...

Thanks Revathi and Maureen.
Maureen, Like Deanna said may be I do it because it takes my attention away from the things that make me stressed :)

letslearnembroidery said...

Your cutwork is so perfect.Oh, do I envy you!