Sunday, 23 March 2014

more fun this week…sewing,sketching,embroidery..

I had managed to work a little bit on some of the projects, not much progress but even a little progress is better than nothing,right? 
I had to sew a dozen of these small bibs for the dolls.I couldn't complete the embroidery part when my nieces were here so I worked on that earlier this week and mailed it to them..
I started working on this blue/yellow needlepoint project for a friend.When there were only a few stitches left I ran out of the dark yellow and blue threads :( . Since my nearest LNS is 50+ kms away from my place this one will go to my UFO basket for now.
I worked on the design of this shisha piece few months back,started the actual stitching this far am happy the way it's turned out..still lots more to stitch.
Apart from these I did some sketching,some experiments with inktense blocks worked but a few turned out to be a total disaster..

Happy stitching!


deanna7trees said...

oh you reminded me that i want to do some shisha mirrors on a piece...and those inktense blocks. i have used the pencils for a while and love them. i bought a tin of the blocks but haven't gotten to try them much to do. wouldn't it be nice if we could buy some time.

nsangheetha said...

Love the needlepoint embroidery. I'm doing my first crosstitch(kit from Anchor) and straining my head and eyes. I bought it for my niece but she dint have time so I started doing it.Is needlepoint as minute as crossstitch? I forgot the count of the aida cloth on which I'm working. It is part of the kit from Anchor.

margaret said...

how cute are those doll bibs, your nieces dolls will be the best dressed in town. Very neat canvas work what a shame you have run out of threads. Beautiful piece of floral stitrching

Shami Immanuel said...

your projects are awesome anita. i like needlepoint embroidery very much. But i am not getting the canvas(is this is fabric to do it?). Can we do it in aida fabric? from where did u get the fabric for doing needlepoint embroidery? can u help me? Thanks.

Wendy said...

such a lovely embroidery. I love the bargello too, great colours

Leelagovind said...

great works all items..

Anita said...

Thanks Deanna,Wendy,Leela,Shami, Margaret and Sangheetha.

@ Sangheetha - Yes,it is as minute as cross stitch.In fact cross stitch is easier than needlepoint because the number of threads vary for each stitch in needlepoint.and the thread count is also higher.Most of the Anchor kits have 14 ct aida.