Saturday, 28 June 2014

a new pattern

I've also been working on a small embroidered bag pattern. It'll be available for download soon in my shop.                                                   
A friend of mine had asked me for a couple of kits so will be doing that all of next week.

If you like a pattern then which one do you prefer to buy – a full kit or a digital pattern?
I'd appreciate if you could give me your opinion and it'll be really helpful for me to decide whether I should make more kits or not.

Happy stitching!


margaret said...

A very pretty bag, personally I prefer patterns as I have so much fabric, threads etc more than I will ever use.

nsangheetha said...

It is nice looking bag Anita. I would prefer a kit as I have tough time hunting for right fabric and it also takes away the challenges of identifying the colors and so on. If I'm trying something new, I would prefer kits. But if it is something I'm comfortable with, I would take the pattern and do it myself.
Having said that, I love the embroidery kits that Anchor design studio markets with its magazine. But they are just threads and canvas. It will be lot better, if they give ALL the items. Be it piping or buttons or any lace that they have used in the model picture.
Good Luck to you

Anita said...

Thanks a lot Sangheetha for your input. I understand your view about Anchor kits because me and many of my students have felt the same.

Wendy said...

I'd much rather buy a PDF pattern - 1. you don't have to pay postage
2. you don't have to pay mark up on the materials
3. I have a lot of materials already and could buy anything essential I was missing
4. there is never enough thread in a kit - never.

Erica said...

Hi Anita - great to see a post from you. Like Margaret and Wendy, I prefer a .pdf pattern and for some of the same reasons...I am a bit embarrassed with all the threads and fabric I have already. Also, sometimes I really like a pattern but want to put my own stamp on it by using different colours, different type of fabric, different stitches.

Séverine said...

Your bag is pretty. I prefer PDF pattern as I have a lot of fabrics at home.

Anita said...

Thanks a lot for your input Wendy,Erica and Séverine.

@ Wendy - Yes, I agree.Sometimes the postage costs more than the actual price of a kit.

@ Erica - It's great that you use your own color scheme,keep going! I have learnt so many things by changing colors and stitches on my mother's designs.

Leelagovind said...

i cant take my eyes off your bag..its georgeous to take with for a shopping..thanks for sharing..

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!

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JennyPennyPoppy said...

A beautifully stitched bag which would be a pleasure to make and use.