Sunday, 31 August 2014

dressing up Mr.Bunny

After spending most of my stitching time for the past two weeks figuring out how to do a couple of sewing techniques on my brand new Bernina machine I was desperately in need of an embroidery fix.
So I grabbed the first WIP bag from the basket and started adding some stitches :) By the end of the session I'd managed to complete Mr.Bunny with french knots,stem,split and satin stitches…this is how he looks…                                                  
finished the swing and started working on Ms.Bunny.

I've joined a couple crochet motifs that you saw in my last post and the doily is coming along well so far                                        
but the tatted lace is still a 'work in slow progress'.

Happy stitching!



margaret said...

this embroidery is delightful and now I am on pinterest I can go and look at it anytime I want
Good to read you are getting to know your bernina, mine came back after a service, he said it was in great order, not bad as 22 years old and never been done before.

Suztats said...

Oooh, a new sewing machine--what fun! Mine is a 30 yr. old Janome-- 1 fancy stitch (feather stitch) and very basic, but it gets the sewing done. The bunny embroidery is coming along nicely.

nsangheetha said...

Love your embroidery :-) and Congrats on the new sewing machine. I always feel that I dont get to spend enough time with my sewing machine.

Anita said...

Thanks Sangheetha.Since the new machine has got many features I have to spend so much time to figure out how it works.It's really difficult to understand and remember all of it ,got to practice some of the new things too.