Friday, 2 October 2015

Fifth year...

Today this blog is entering fifth year and I just popped in to thank y'all for your support and love.
I can't sign off without showing an embroidered piece today so here it is..
A small purse with shisha embroidery.

The ground fabric is muga silk and I've used both cotton and silk threads for the embroidery.

Happy stitching!


Stitching Lady said...

Congratulation for your fifth year of blogging - and the purse is exquisite and beautiful. Good luck for your next 5 years of blogging.

Preeti said...

Congrats on the fifth year of blogging!! I love your purse. It is very beautiful:)

deanna7trees said...

a wonderful five years. beautiful bag. always love seeing the shisha mirrors.

Hobby Sewer said...

Congratulations Anita. I wish you many more years of successful blogging.

Rachel said...

It's lovely. Close ups please!

margaret said...

a good goal you have reached with your blog. Very pretty prse, can not have been easy stitching on silk it is so slippy

Jeito Mineiro Bordados said...

Happy birthday! Five years showing beauties!

Séverine said...

Happy Birthday to your blog!
Your purse is beautiful

nsangheetha said...

Anita, Congrats and my best wishes on blogging.
I love your blog for the crispness of details.
Clear pictures, informative posts.
Great going and wishing to see more of your work.

Any SAL planned ? Would welcome SAL of any kind.


Anita said...

@ nsangheeta - Thanks a lot dear. No plans for a SAL as of now but who knows I might come up with something soon..