Thursday, 12 November 2015

mystery project a.k.a floral wreath

We've had heavy rains this season which is very good..almost 20 cm rainfall was recorded this week in the place where I live..
I had to stay indoors most of the time so I spent my time planning some new projects, weaving and adding more stitches to the floral wreath project..
so far a quarter of the wreath is completed.


Rachel said...

It's growing nicely!

margaret said...

that is a lot of rain, here we are having a storm well further north but heavy rain is expected later today. Cross stitcjh coming along well

Séverine said...

Your cross stitch embroidery is beautiful

crazyQstitcher said...

The floral pattern is growing well.
The violet shading is very realistic.

letslearnembroidery said...

It has been a long time since I worked a cross stitch project.Your work is pretty.