Saturday, 23 January 2016

white block # 2

I have finished another white block this week :-)
This is the second block and it's made from white fabrics/laces from my old dresses.

Top half of the block – sequins,synthetic pearls,pleats,shisha mirror,detached blanket stitches,french knots,feather,daisy and sheaf stitches.                            

Bottom half of the block – flower sequins, synthetic stone,synthetic pearls, macrame flower,rose sequin,puff with German knots,blanket,fly and running stitches                           



Happy stitching!


margaret said...

such a pretty piece and so many different kinds of stitchery etc a work of art

Shami Immanuel said...

Beautiful piece of embroidery.

deanna7trees said...

beautifully embellished. i just love the lattice you did on the shisha mirror that gives a reflection.

Rachel said...

Lovely, especially the lattice!

Stitching Lady said...

Beautiful, Anita! So many details - wonderful to see! Will there be more blocks like this one?

crazyQstitcher said...

Really beautiful, Anita. I love the shisha lattice. I haven't seen that version before.
Thank you for using the close ups to see better, the various stitches.

Séverine said...

your block is beautifully embellished.

letslearnembroidery said...

Really pretty