Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Stitch tutorial - Squared palestrina stitch

Step – 1 : Bring the needle and thread up at 'a'.

Step – 2 : Go down at 'b' and come up at 'c'.

Step – 3 : Pass the needle under the diagonal stitch formed in step 2 from left to right as shown.

Step – 4 : Pass the needle under the diagonal stitch once again keeping the working thread under the needle and pull.

Step – 5 : Go back down at 'd'.

Step – 6 : A squared palestrina stitch is made.

                               This stitch can be used as an isolated stitch or for filling.If I want to replace french knots in my designs then I always go for this stitch and it works pretty well.

Happy stitching!


Stitching Lady said...

Thank you, Anita, for this very nice stitch - it makes quite a remarkable little elevation.

Rachel said...

This is a very sweat stitch, and produces a lovely texture in surface embroidery, as well!

margaret said...

that is a good idea instead of french knots I often do a colonial knot too. Very clear tutorial thanks

Anuprem said... tutorial....

Unknown said...

Good tutorial. I will make sure to learn.

letslearnembroidery said...

Thanks for the tutorial.

Sarah Brington said...

Very good tutorial. A great and comprehensive guide on embroidery digitizing step by step guide. Thanks.