Sunday, 21 May 2017

Doily Anamika

Though it's very hot here in Chennai I took the doily 'Anamika' from the UFO/WIP basket and made a little progress.

Finished cutting the threads and weaving the inner square and moved on to the next element of the design as of now. A little progress is better than no progress,isn't it?

I've formed a whatsApp group for embroidery/needlework addicts living in Chennai and posting little studio scoop,needle work tips,my workshop info etc there as often as possible.It's a small group as of now but I hope it'll grow very soon.

Have a great weekend!


margaret said...

such beautiful hardanger my favourite embroidery technique

Rachel said...

Any progress is always good, especially when it is something as painstaking as hardanger!

Preeti said...

So beautiful !! Hardanger has been on my to do list for long. Hopefully, someday I will try.

crazyQstitcher said...

Your embroidery, as ever, is beautifully stitched and wonderful to study.
Every stitch done is a step loser to the finish line. It must be very hard to work in the high/humid heat.

Wendy said...