Saturday, 15 October 2011

Aari embroidery - part 2

One of my reader had asked me how to prevent rusting in  aari needles .oops!I should have written about that.I always coat the hook part with bee's wax.Before using wipe it thoroughly with a tissue or soft cloth.

These are the fabric which are commonly used -
2.Cotton and raw cotton
3.Crepe silk
7.Silk cotton
8.Satin silk
9.Silk - raw silk,soft silk,pure silk

Avoid using heavy textured fabric ,smocked fabric and crushed fabric.
Heavy embroidery is usually done on silk and crepe sarees.

Happy stitching!


Hannah said...

thanks so much for this series! I will be trying it myself sometime once you finish posting the lessons :-)

Anita said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Hannah!.Am glad that you like aari embroidery.Good luck!

Proud Sewist said...

Hi anita
I just bought this needle and try to make a chain embroidery but what i got was, i always catch the fabric thread when i pull it up, its very difficult to pull up the thread without pull along with fabric thread..and it ruin my you have any idea what i 've done wrong? Btw is this needle same with tambour needle?

Anita said...

@ Idzyan Ismail - To not to pull the needle out at an angle. That's when the fabric threads get caught in the hook.Tambour hook and aari hook are not the same in appearance but you could get the same stitching effect with both the hooks.

Unknown said...

Hi Anitha
I would like to know the exact materials for Aari embriodery. I am at tiruppur whether Aari embriodery cot is available .If yes where can i buy & what would be the cost.

Anita said...

@ Lavanya Karthik - I've written about the materials in aari embroidery blog posts already.I'm don't know whether ready made frames are available in Tirupur,will ask around and let you know.

Gayatri Johnston said...

Where can I buy that needle in the UK