Thursday, 20 October 2011

Aari embroidery - part 3

This post is about aari  embroidery frame. It has 4 stands,2 main bars and 2 side bars.
It is similar to slate frames.


                                                               Side bars

                                                        close up view of the side bar

                                                                   Main bar 

                                                    close up view of  the main bar

                                                    close up view (2) of the main bar

                                                                  Main bars

The main bar has got evenly placed holes,through which a thick cotton rope is passed twice.A strip of  cotton cloth is attached to one side of the main bar(last image). We've got to sit on the floor to work.
My next post in this series will be about attaching the fabric to the frame.

Happy stitching!


HandmadeByLalli said...

Hello Anita,

Just came across your blog through Google when I was searching for Aari embroidery. Can you please tell me the height of the stands? I have the frame but I do not have the stands.
Thank You.

Anita said...

Hi Lalli,
Thanks for visiting.The height is one and a half feet.

texacala said...

Please tell me a supplier of aar needles. I have been searching the internet for days trying to find a supplier. I live in the US and all I need is an email address or a phone number. I am a great admirer of aari embroidery. I do not want a tambour needle which is similar.

bigmomma said...

I also live in the US and have been looking online for hours. Would love to know where I can buy one.

lucy said...

I also live in the us,would love to know where I can buy the needle.

Cheryl said...


Thank-you for a great website.

a company called lacis has needles in the U.S. and E-bay also has them.
I just bought one, 3 different needles and a tambour handle.

Anita I need to make a frame do you have instructions by any chance?

Thank-you again

Anita said...

@ Cheryl- Thanks for visiting.Could you please send me an e-mail?

Gayathiri raju said...

Hello mam,

Are you in trichy? Are you taking any class?

Anita said...

@ Gayathri - sorry,I don't offer classes.

Unknown said...

Hello, I need a frame like the one you posted here.. Where can I get this Btw??

Anita said...

@ Aarthi - Please contact your local craft shop.