Wednesday, 21 January 2015

a little progress

I've spent little more time to knit the aster doily this week.


After knitting some more rounds with the dpns I've changed it to a circular needle and so far I've knitted about 50 rounds and there are about 350+ stitches in the needle right now.

Also added a few more stitches to the blue and white x stitch piece.A couple of stems and buds are there now and the big rose is almost over except for a couple of stitches on the left.

Happy stitching!


Séverine said...

your doily and cross stitch piece are fabulous.

crazyQstitcher said...

Both the Doiley and rose have had many stitches added. Both are lovely.

deanna7trees said...

oh that aster doily is looking beautiful....that's a lot of stitches.

Suztats said...

the aster doily looks wonderful--so many stitches on the needle! That rose is gorgeous.