Thursday, 29 December 2011

Kashmiri embroidery


Kashmiri embroidery is one of the delicate and finest embroidery.The stitches used may be simple but the outcome is beautiful.
There are two types of kashmiri embroidery - sozni (kashida) and aari.
Kashmiri aari is worked with only chain or chain stitch filling.The hook used in this form is slightly bigger than the one which I'd showed y'all in my aari embroidery post.Sozni embroidery is done with crewel needle.
Paisleys and coils are the integral part of many kashmiri embroidery designs.
Kashmiri embroidery is worked with Wool,cotton threads and sometimes silk threads.
Only primary colors(pastel shades) were used earlier,but now lots of colors are used may be because of the client's preference and the availability of colors.
The finest Kashmiri sozni embroidery can be found on pashmina shawls and phirans.
Kashmiri aari can be found on rugs,panels and blouses.

                                                       Kashmiri aari embroidery
I'll be showing y'all a Kashmiri sozni(kashida) embroidery step by step.
I've chosen a paisley motif and transfered it to a cotton silk material using a trace paper.
NOTE:Since the sozni designs are small and intricate prick & pounce method doesn't work .Transfer the design  either with a light box or tracing paper.


I've worked 3 lines of paisley in stem stitch using red stranded cotton thread.
I'll be posting my progress here so come back if you are interested in kashmiri embroidery.

Happy stitching!



Smitha said...


Nice blog :-)

Can you please tell what you meant by prick and pounce method?

If its not working, then can you please tell how you are stitching the chain stitches?


Anita said...

Hi Smitha,
Thanks for visiting.Prick and pounce is a method used to transfer the design onto the fabric.I will post about how to do that can transfer the design by this method if you are doing aari embroidery.But Sozni embroidery designs are intricate,the design will smudge if you try to transfer it by prick and pounce method.Hope this helps.