Monday, 19 December 2011

Trial & error

Hi !

I'd promised to show the new embroidery project,but am posting an image of a painting (only a part) today.
I've been practising to paint waterfall for quiet sometime.I can't undo the mistakes here,
so it was really frustrating when I couldn't nail it.

I was so.. happy when I got this right atleast to some extent,thought I should share this with my blog friends.
What do y'all think?.Did I get it or not?
I'd like to hear from y'all,so please do post a comment or mail me.



l'alternativa said...

Stupendo Anita carissima.
Grazie per gli auguri che contraccambio con tutto il cuore.Un grosso abbraccio

magia di un ricamo said...

Auguri vivissimi anche da parte nostra.
Leila x Magia di un Ricamo

Meena said...