Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sal kantha - bud and stylized calyx

I'd like to thank y'all for your wishes.I'm still not well..hopefully will recover soon..

I have finished the bud and the calyx(!) part of the design.
I've completed the bud with kantha filling stitch using 2 strands of Anchor embroidery floss shd # 1205. The calyx is filled with weave or stacked kantha filling stitches using 2 strands of green shd # 229 and the outline is done with kantha stitches using 2 strands of green shd # 239.

This is how I worked the weave kantha filling stitch:
Step 1: Work kantha stitches from right to left .The stitch should be equal to the squares in the pattern.
                                   Step 2: Work kantha stitches from left to right as shown.
                          Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the first set of squares are filled.
Repeat the first two steps to fill the second set of squares.The second set of squares are the ones which lie between the filled squares of the first row.
Repeat the process until the entire pattern is filled.

P.S Thanks Leela and Isabelle for helping me to rename the leaf.I think I'll go with Isabelle's suggestion, sorry Leela.
See y'all next wednesday ..

Happy stitching!


margaret said...

wishing you a speeedy recovery Anita. Your design is looking wonderful, saw Leela`s on her blog yesterday too.

Leelagovind said...

hi anita
glad to know that you liked isebellas name suggestion :)..
loved this week's tutorial..i will finish soon and upload..

crazyQstitcher said...

Hi Anita, thank you for allowing me to join in the learning and enjoyment of the Kantha Sal. I have caught up and posted pictures at
and can now begin this weeks lesson.

I hope you will be well again very soon.

Suztats said...

This looks so pretty, Anita!
Hope you're all better soon.

Leelagovind said...

look at here and plz feedback..

Gembirdie said...

Hi Anita!

You know, now that you've given it color, what we're stitching this week reminds me a bit of a thistle head. Do you have thistles in India? (I would guess so, I'm sure they're all around the world).
Anyway, it looks pretty, and I'm looking forward to stitching it.


Anonymous said...

i have posted a picture here:

thanks anita, the pattern is so pretty

Leelagovind said...

oh i forgot to stitch the outline..dont know how i missed stitched and updated in my blog..thank you anita..

nsangheetha said...

It is coming out nice and lovely.
But I have not yet tried this week's stitch. I got burnt in my right palm while handling cooker. I'll probably finish along with coming week's stiches.

Anita said...

Thanks Sangheetha. oops! hope your palm is better now.