Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sal kantha – wheel and borders

I have finished the wheel at the bottom of the design and changed the kantha border lines to paichano border lines because the filling stitch inside the border lines looked a lot better with paichano stitch in my test sampler..more about that next week.
The spokes of the wheel is done with paichano stitch using 2 strands of yellow embroidery floss shd # 289.The dots are stitched with kantha filling stitch using 2 strands of black embroidery floss.I have filled the outer black ring area (refer the pattern) of the wheel with 'jod'. A 'jod' is nothing but 2 or more rows of aligned kantha stitches.I have filled the area with 3 rows of kantha stitches but if you are working on a larger pattern then you could work more rows. Next I filled the inner black ring and the empty circle with kantha stitches using 2 strands of black embroidery floss. I chose to fill the inner circle too because I find it too small for another color change but you can do that if you'd want to.
I have also worked a circle of paichano using 2 strands of yellow floss shd # 289 between the two black rings of the wheel.
The borders are now done with paichano stitch.We have already stitched the borders with kantha stitches.Now all you have to do is whip the kantha stitches using 2 strands of black floss and make it into a paichano.

See y'all next Wednesday with another interesting filling stitch.Please feel free to leave if you have any queries or suggestions in the comment box below.

Happy stitching!



nsangheetha said...

The Spokes and the wheel looks neat. I have done the last week sitiches and will post soon.
I'm wondering about the new stitch :-)

crazyQstitcher said...

Hi Anita, I've posted last week's work to

My badly traced pattern is really showing up now. I will test the freezer paper method over the weekend for my 3rd try.

Leelagovind said...

my SAL update here..
hmmmm..sad to know that it reaches the finishing line:(..hopefully looking forward to a new one shortly..thank you anita..

Gembirdie said...

Aagh! I need to catch up - too many things came up last week. But I'll get it done!


Gembirdie said...

Haha! I'm caught up and ready for the last stretch of the stitching.
I'm looking forward to see what colors you'll have chosen for the little balls, Anita!

I'm like Leela - I hope you'll make a new SAL pretty soon - this has been so much fun.

Thanks Anita,


Anita said...

@ Gemberdie - I'm happy that you are having fun and caught up with the lessons Isabelle.A new Sal ..may be,not sure! Wish I have someone to help me with the business,then I'll have more time to stitch.