Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sal kantha - dhaneer sheesh border

I have filled the space between the two 'paichano' borders with an interesting filling stitch called 'dhaneer sheesh'. I don't know about others but for me this one is an interesting filling stitch which seems simple but it's quite difficult to get the movement correct.

Dhaneer sheesh is a filling stitch where equal length of kantha stitches are stitched in rows to form an arrowhead .The speciality of this particular filling is the stitches have either forward or backward movement in each row, interesting,huh?
This filling can either be worked as an isolated group of stitches to form one arrowhead or rows of kantha stitches to form an arrowhead band.I prefer to work in continuous group if the border is straight but here since it's a curved one I chose to work individual arrowheads closely to form a band with 2 strands of black floss.
I wanted the arrowheads on both sides to face up so I started working this band from the lower part close to the wheel,completed the border on one side and then started again at the bottom to complete the second side.When I reached the tip I just arranged the stitches at an angle on both sides to get the pointed effect at the tip.Have you noticed a weird gap at the bottom of the band ? I'll have to think how to fill that gap,any suggestions?
                                               dhaneer sheesh with 5 kantha stitches
To work an isolated dhaneer sheesh just work it like we did for kantha filling stitch but keep the stitches either forward or backward to the previous one.
                                                 dhaneer sheesh with 7 kantha stitches
                                  (click on the image to view the placement of the stitches)

To work a band work a row of kantha stitches from right to left ,continue working a second row of stitches from left to right by placing the stitches slightly forward or backward and continue these steps until you complete the pattern.

Now that the band is filled I have some concerns about my choice of the green shade for the birds..I tried this filling with other colors too but it didn't look as good as this..
But I'm not going to change it until I fill the triangles and the dots ,will see how it looks after that...what do you think? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment box.

See y'all next Wednesday with an update.

Happy stitching!


margaret said...

some lovely stitchery here Anita, I am sure all those who are stitching along with you have learnt lots from your tutorials

Gembirdie said...

Hi Anita!
I hadn't realized that we would fill this space and the triangles. The border looks fantastic - I love it!
But I agree with you about the green of the birds. It looks a bit washed out now.
I think I'm going to do my arrow border in green to tie the birds in with the crown flower...


Gembirdie said...

Nope - finally I think I'm going to introduce a new color: Teal. It's darker than the green, but still doesn't make as strong a statement as the black.
About that awkward little empty spot at the bottom: how about stitching just the tips of two arrows (like a little rectangle) to fill it out?


liniecat said...

Like that stitch very much, thanks for the explanation : )

nsangheetha said...

It is wonderful. I'm seeing this for first time. Will try it out soon. I have posted mine and have proceeded after that too.. But currently out of station. Will come back and post my latest progress.

Thanks a lot for taking time to explain us all these stitches. This one is really interesting.

Anita said...

@ Gembirdie - Thanks for the suggestion Isabelle. I tried dark green first, then dark pink but felt both didn't fit.I wanted a certain bold statement and also this border to be the focal point of the design so I ended up using black.Now that I've filled the triangles I think it looks okay. But will have to change the bird color …It 's totally washed out. I wanted to share how a slight change either in color or in stitches can make the design look entirely different in this stitch-along and I thought it'll be helpful for the beginners.Hope it helps every participant learn at least one new tip.

Leelagovind said...

i have updated this week's SAL here..
nice to work on the arrowhead band..i thought it will be hard to do but really very interesting while i was stitching..thank you Anita..

Suztats said...

This is very pretty. Wish I'd been able to take your course--too much on my plate at present........

l'alternativa said...

Non devi assolutamente cambiare, รจ stupendo!!!!!!!! Baci

Erica said...

I am doing the arrows in DMC 890, which I have used elsewhere. Very busy this week but will try to post my progress so far on Stitchin' Fingers at the weekend.