Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sal kantha - final stitches

I was not happy with my color choice for the birds at the bottom of the design. I wanted to change it because the green shade looked kind of washed out and before deciding on a different color I tried another green shade.
I'm glad that I tried because am very pleased with result now. It looks a lot better in real than in photograph,thanks to my great photography skills.
First I had changed the paichano lines of the bird from green shade #239 to green shade #229.It's the same green that we've filled the calyx of the bud. I have filled the gaps between the bejod bands (red kantha stitch bands inside the bird) with diagonal kantha filling stitch lines using 2 strands of the same green.                                                    
The diagonal line is created by a slight forward movement of the kantha stitches.I also changed the angle of the lines I each space just to add a little interest.I also worked a row of kantha stitches between every two diagonal green filling stitches with shade # 926.The eyes are done with kantha filling stitch using black.

Today is the last day of our kantha SAL. I'd like to thank each one of you for participating in this SAL.
A special thanks to the girls who have really stitched along with me, gave suggestions, shared thoughts and ideas.

Did you pick up a new stitch/technique/tip in this SAL? Of all the stitch techniques we have covered in this SAL which one is your most favorite and least favorite stitch? Did you like the slow pace of this SAL or would you have preferred a faster pace? 
 I'd appreciate if you could spend a couple of minutes to leave a feedback.Please feel free to leave both positive and negative feedback.

Happy stitching!


margaret said...

I am sure all who followed and stitched this are thrilled with what they have done and will be waiting for you to share your talents on another piece too

nsangheetha said...

Hi Anitha,
First of all I would like to thank for conducting the SAL and sharing the knowledge.

Did you pick up a new stitch/technique/tip in this SAL?
Yes. Kantha filling stitch and Dhaneer Sheesh are fully new to me . The other stitches I was aware of but the tutorials and the pictures gave clear idea.
Of all the stitch techniques we have covered in this SAL which one is your most favorite and least favorite stitch?
Most favorite was Kantha filling stitch( centre flower) and there is nothing like least favorite but Dhaneer sheesh was difficult for me. Especially the evenness and neatness was very tough to acheive.
Did you like the slow pace of this SAL or would you have preferred a faster pace?
I liked this pace for various reasons.
1.It gave me time for finishing the latest update.
2.One stitch at a time was clear in understanding the stitch.
3.I got time to go and see what others are doing and how is their progress. I liked them all :-)
4.If it had been fast, I would have felt guilty of lagging or neglecting the work.

Overall I liked the clarity of the photographs and the explanations followed.
I have one more feedback but it is just a point to consider, pls do not feel offended.
Whenever you post the pic, can you pls post close-up version of it? Bcoz I was not able right click and see the details.
And there is a photograph of the stitched piece and then explanation on the bottom. Could you pls make the explanation with bullet points or number addressing each part of the sampler with the stitch details.
Towards the end, where the stitches are repeated for other parts, I got a slight confusion. The explanations were very clear but you see we are spoiled by picture heavy post everywhere that I browse the pics and try to get more details from there.
If I read the explanation following the picture, it is all clear. But just a thought.

Anita said...

@ Sangheetha - Thanks a lot for your feedback. No offense :) I'd try and post close-up images in future.The problem is I have to learn photography,that's the first thing written in my wish-list.Though I have a good camera( a new one) am little scared to use that.For my classes I scan my project which is another hectic process but I guess am little lazy to do that always for the blog.

Anita said...

@ Sangheetha- oops! I forgot to add one thing..You can see a larger image by just clicking on it .Hope this helps.

Suztats said...

Very nice, Anita! I've enjoyed watching this come together. I hope you offer more SALs in the future so I can hopefully participate. I think next year I shall slow down on my commitments so I have more options.

Gembirdie said...

Hi Anita!
I love what you did with the birds. It looks so good now, and I'm happy that we get to fill out the birds' body more.

About your questions: for me, the pace was perfect - there was one week when I had so much other stuff to do, that I couldn't stitch at all, and since you had us always do a small amount of stitching after a big task, it was no problem to catch up.

I knew all the stitches, but I had never used them like that. My favorite one was the black "zebra" border. It was difficult to keep really symmetrical, and I loved the challenge. My least favorite stitch was the irregular filling of the crown leaf and the base flower - I took the liberty to replace it with regular Kantha filling stitch.
I've posted my work on facebook at and will let that post be public for a while, before changing it back to just close friends - so everybody - have a look while you can.
I'm also going to post an update when I've done the last of the bird's stitching.

Anyway - thank you very very much Anita, this was a lot of fun, and I'll be game for whatever next SAL you'll be proposing...


crazyQstitcher said...

Hi Anita, It has been so enjoyable to do another SAL with you and learn more Indian stitches.
I've printed the latest lesson and will begin that soon.

To answer your questions.
1. The only stitch I knew was Kantha, all the rest were new to me.
2. I had no favourite stitch and I found it most relaxing to do them.
3. The Dharneer sheesh needed much concentration at first but once I got a rhythm it was easier.
It did not help me that I made too many chevrons in the first one.
4.I liked the slow pace, which gave plenty of time for the Sal and left time for other projects as well.

I did have bother seeing the Dharneer sheesh online. I'd forgotten that the photo could be enlarged by clicking on it - but remembered to use the keyboard 'Control and + keys' to enlarge the photo. The more + clicks, the larger the photo becomes.

You are a good Tutor and any errors in my work are all my own fault.
At no time was the stitching boring, just relaxing to do even though I made 3 from the same pattern.

I enjoyed seeing the work of nsangheetha and leelagovind but was unable to connect with others.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton Anita. All stitches are new to me. More than anything the assembly of stitches is just wonderful. if you ask me to pick one stitch, I would say Dhaneer Sheesh. I want to finish this and next project would be kantha work on a kurti. wow ! so exciting. God bless and thanks


Anita said...

Thanks Prashanti.

Leelagovind said...

hi Anita
i wish to answer your questions here..
though a bit difficult,i love the dhaneer sheesh stich the most..i was very cautious in every step to turn the DS kantha stitches out into arrowhead band and really enjoyed it..nothing to say about least favourite as all other stitches i love equally one after others i also know some stitches as they are all variations of running stitch but want to thank you for introducing each names and how to use their versions when comes to diagonal kantha,arrowhead border etc..i know they are only your improvisations..hats off to you anita!

when coming to pace truly i like faster pace because i have no more patience to wait for a week:) an embroidery lover iam always anxious to see the new stitch and keen to practise it immediately..still the relief is that even though iam anxious,at least i can spend rest of the days to do my other activities without lagging..actually i had finished all my sal works by every thursday itself except a couple of weeks but was late to blog it bcoz of some blogging process..

as maureen said i too use the ctrl and + keys to make your pic i have no problem with your uploaded pics..but i have a request to you that it would be more helpful to me as well as others if you put up the reverse side of the pic which can help to understand the way of stitching easily..i hope it may be very important to everyone..
awaiting your next sharing project:)..dont know how to express my words for your generous attitude..'thanks,thanks,and ever thanks'..

Anita said...

Thanks Leela for your feedback. I've noted down your suggestion/request,will do that in the next stitch along.You are the first person to vote for a faster pace so far but I knew you'd go for that even before you'd said so.Lets wait and see who is going to join you next!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita,

my English is not verry good.
So i will write only some words. I love your projects, so lovely and so nice that you do that with us, for free. And i want also say: 'thanks,thanks,and ever thanks'..

Silke from Germany

crazyQstitcher said...

I have posted my finished projects at
If you should host another Sal in the future, I would love to join in please.
I don't mind a faster pace. This time around it was good to be slow.

I like Leela's idea of seeing the reverse side of work.
I'm looking forward to seeing other finished Kantha photos.

Anita said...

Thanks Silke for your kind words .

Leelagovind said...

hi anita
i have uploaded my SAL here..
as usual i finished my work last friday itself but couldnt upload fully earlier due to frequent internet failure..somehow i was able to do it can go for majority voting in pace category,it doesnt matter..thanks to maureen for supporting me..and thank you anita for sharing wonderful tute :))))

Anita said...

Thanks a lot Isabelle and Maureen for the feed back. @ Maureen - I also don't know how many of them are actually stitching.Some leave a comment and a few others prefer to send an e-mail but most of them literally vanish after receiving the pattern :) I know a couple of participants in real life too and am sure that they haven't done even a single stitch, didn't even transfer the pattern :(

Hobby Sewer said...

Anita - I am still stitching this. It would take about another month or so. I will provide the feedback after I complete this.

I was on a family vacation for a fortnight and could not follow the SAL.

Erica said...

Sorry Anita - I have posted my comments on the previous post. If you do another SAL, I too would love to do it.

Suman said...

Hi Anita, Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your skills with us. I loved this SAL and would love to do anything else you come up with.
I caught up with e'one else as soon as you sent me the design. I dont mind the slow pace. I found the Dhaneer Sheesh a little challenging,but ok in the end.
Thanks again and looking forward to more SALs.

Anita said...

@ Suman - Thank you so much for your feedback.It's good to hear that you were able to catch up even though you'd signed up only in April.

Erica said...

I have just posted the photos of my Kantha at
Sorry it took so long - my camera batteries were flat AND I have been very busy.

Anuprem said...


sorry for this very late reply....

i went to native place for vacation that time i just stop all my works...
so now i started as soon as possible i will post it ...

thanks for your clear explanation of stiches so nice to read and do ...


Anita said...

@ Anuradha Prem - Hope you had a wonderful vacation.Looking forward to see your work.

Anuprem said...

hello mam

take a visit to my update...



Hobby Sewer said...


I have completed this Kanta SAL last weekend and am doing a happy dance. Thank you for hosting the SAL and giving me an opportunity to learn Kanta Stitches.

Shami Immanuel said...

Hi Anita,
I have completed the kantha embroidery motif from your SAL sometime back. but posting only now. This is new to me. I like the slow pace off the SAL. Thanks a lot for the SAL. Looking forward for more SAL from you if possible in bargello. You can view my stitched piece here: