Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sal Kantha - triangle border, dots and flower center

I have filled the triangle borders with kantha stitches using red shd # 047 and the dots are filled with kantha filling stitch using purple shd # 0112 .

I have also filled the center of the crown flower and the kantha booti with a couple of kantha stitches using yellow and red. I've managed to fill the tiny gap at the bottom too and I think it looks okay now.
Thank you for leaving your opinion/suggestions about changing the bird color ..both here and via e-mail.A couple of you said that it looks good and I shouldn't change the green.But I think I'll go for a change..But remember that it's okay if you don't have to change the colors, it's after all your project and you are going to live with it so as long as you are happy please go ahead and leave it as it is.

See you all next week with a final update.

Happy stitching!


l'alternativa said...

Stupendo Anita, semplicemente stupendo!!!!!!!!! Baci

nsangheetha said...

Hi Anita,
I finished the dhaneer sheesh border but not yet posted. Will post soon.
Your piece is coming up nicely..

crazyQstitcher said...

Wow! How inspiring this is.

I can hardly wait to begin stitching.

Séverine said...

Your SAL Kantha is beautiful.

Leelagovind said...

nice to see your work this time too..i have uploaded my work here..

Erica said...

Anita, I have finished the embroidery and am delighted with it - so pretty and I have learned so much. I am going to make it into a project bag. The pace you set was about right. Your explanations and stitch diagrams were lovely and clear. The only thing which I found a little frustrating was the inability to enlarge the photos when I needed a closer view to examine just how my finished stitching was supposed to look. I have been very busy but will try to post a photo tomorrow and will let you know the link. Thank you so very much.

Anita said...

@ Erica - Thank you so much for your feedback. You can enlarge the image by just clicking on it.Hope this helps.

Erica said...

Hi Anita - When I clicked on the photo to enlarge it, a message popped up 'this function disabled'. I assumed it was something which you had set that way but now will ask my software engineer son to see if it my computer which is set up wrongly.

Anita said...

Hi Erica , You are correct,right click is disabled but when you do the left click you can see an enlarged image.