Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sal kantha - crown flower, dot, birds and stem

Time just flies..I can't believe that we are very close to our kantha sal finish line..In just a couple of weeks we will be there :)

The dot above the crown flower is filled with 'kantha filling stitch using 2 strands of red shd # 047.                                                    
The crown flower is filled with 'kantha booti variation' using 2 strands of black and green shd # 239.To work 'kantha booti variation' start stitching from the outer edge of the petal with 2 strands of black just like we did for the kantha booti until you reach the 'v' like slit in the petal and fasten off the black thread.Continue filling the petal from where you'd left earlier with 2 strands of green.                                  
Next I moved on to the stem and birds(!) at the bottom of the pattern.The tear drop shape inside the calyx like thing between the birds(!) is filled with 'kantha filling stitch' using 2 strands of shd # 926.The base of the stem and calyx is filled with kantha stitches using 2 strands of green shd # 269.The outline of the birds are done with paichano using 2 strands of green shd # 239.The beak is completed with 'kantha filling stitch' using red shd # 047.The bands inside the body of the bird is worked with 'bejod' using red shd # 047. A 'bejod' is nothing but rows of non-aligned 'kantha' stitches.

I want to try two different sizes for the bird-eye and see which one looks better for me..will let you all know next week.
See y'all next Wednesday with an update ..

Happy stitching!


Suztats said...

It looks very pretty! Nice stitching.

Erica said...

Hello Anita, I have caught up with the SAL. I do enjoy stitching it. It's looking so pretty. I have used slightly different colours to you as most of my threads are DMC. I have used DMC 3799 - charcoal grey - instead of black. I can't wait for next Wednesday! Thank you so much for doing this.

Leelagovind said...

took so much time to finish this week's tutorial ie for crown flower..somehow i completed that piece..not satisfied..but i always like challenge..thanks for such tutorial,anita :)..
here is the update: