Sunday, 22 January 2012

Cushion cover


I'd like to show you a kutch embroidery which I'd stitched for a friend . She is planning to convert this
into a cushion cover.
And this is the same design with a different color scheme.I stitched this long time back,thirteen years I think.

Which one do y'all prefer?

Happy stitching!



Zova creations said...

looking very beautiful and elagant!!
ur friend is lucky to get a friend like u..u did kutch work with shisha work..or is it a readymade one..pls share the tutorial of kasuthi work..
u have a very nice blog and I am happy that I am following visit my blog

Anita said...

Thanks for visiting Vaheeda.I'm glad that you like my blog.Yes,I stitched the mirror(shisha) with Kutch embroidery.

Meena said...

I liked the second one, more colourful!

nancie said...

hello anita, how do u trace the diamonds for kutch on to the fabric?? any easy method ?? please do reply...

Anita said...

Hi Nancie
I'd traced the design on a tracing paper first and then I'd used yellow carbon paper to transfer the design on to the fabric.