Friday, 13 January 2012

Paisley project


I've finished the flowers in paisley project .

The black ones between the two rows of paisley outline is fly stitchI've worked 2 fly stitches facing each other.
The black lines in the flower center is straight stitch.I've worked 3 straight stitches from the same point.
The flower outline is roman stitch variation.

Look what I made .....

Crochet paisleys.Yet to block these lovely motifs.

Enjoy your weekend!
Happy stitching!


letslearnembroidery said...

I love the colour combination and the crochet is so lovely!

Lalitha said...

wow!! Beautiful!! Can't take my eyes away from this !!

Anita said...

Thanks Ina,Lalitha.

l'alternativa said...

Bellissimo Anita, sei proprio brava
Un abbraccio

Anonymous said...

You are superbly talented. Your work is so fine...


Anita said...

Emi-Grazie mille.
Leena-Thank you.

Meena said...

Lovely, Anita!

Unknown said...

Simply superb!