Monday, 30 January 2012

Paisley project update

Hi !
Hope y'all enjoyed your weekend.
Let me show you my little progress in  kashmiri embroidery project.
I'd stitched the main stems with stem stitch using two shades of green,the tiny growth under the paisley is satin stitch with maroon,the thorns are roman stitch and the calyx is satin stitch.

It looks like the design is almost complete,isn't it?.
I've planned a couple of projects this weekend,the basic preparation is done,so come back to see what it is!
Let me give you a hint-first one is an Indian embroidery and the second is a needlepoint.

Happy stitching!


Meena said...


Anita said...

Thank you so... much for all your lovely comments Meena.

Hobby Sewer said...

Hi Anita,

I am a recent reader of your blog. Your embroideries are so nice.

Can you share the Paisley pattern with us. I would like to sew along with you.


l'alternativa said...

E' splendido Anita, bravissima!!!!!

Anita said...

Hi Hobby sewer,
Thanks for your visit.This paisley pattern is not mine,so I've to get permission.I'm designing some paisley motifs right now.Since it's mine I'll share it with y'all as soon as I finish.Keep looking out for my free patterns which'll be available soon...

Anita said...

Grazie mille Emi.

letslearnembroidery said...

I knew this is going to be beautiful!

Cristina said...

Anita, thanks for visiting my blog. I like your bolg, there are some very interesting embroidery.


jayashree venkat said...

STUNNING!!!!!Have you helped with Roman stitch Tuto?Would like to learn the same.Excellent Motivating Effort and Blog from you.