Thursday, 19 January 2012

Kasuti embroidery

Hi !

I'd like to thank you all for your support,comments and e-mails .
Today I'd like to show you all a small design which my 4 year old cute niece made me stitch for her.
Can you believe that she chose the design,colors and also the stitches?.
She took one hour to decide the design and colors.She was turning the pages of my sampler book to decide the stitches for another hour,by the time we came to a conclusion her mom' lost all her patience.It was fun watching my niece. And finally we stitched this ......

Kasuti embroidery is  popular in southern India and it's similar to blackwork.I'll write more about this style in detail sometime later.This is one of my young student's Kasuti sampler.

She's done a great job,isn't she?.
I always enjoy teaching little girls and this one has made my day.

When you mail me regarding SAL,please do mention which form of Indian embroidery you'd like to stitch.

Happy stitching!



npace said...

Grazie per la visita al nostro blog.
E' un onore ricevere complimenti da te che sei bravissima.

Thank you for visiting our blog.
It 'an honor to receive compliments from you who are very good.

nunzia e cinzia

Jane S. said...

Your niece did a nice job picking out the colors for that stitchery! She must be very proud and pleased. :)

Anita said...

Thank you Jane.I think she likes it!

RajiSaj said...

wow ... really nice...

RajiSaj said...

kasuti embroidery is really nice..
could u plz provide us a tutorial of this Anita ji?

Anita said...

Thanks Raji.I'll try to post a tutorial.